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Kamawa Lobo M6 (P) at 17 months

For Sale $4,500

Kamawa Lobo M6

Kamawa Tonto M14 (P) at 16 months

For Sale $5,000

Kamawa Tonto M14

Kamawa Keanu M10 (PS) at 16 months

For Sale $5,000

Kamawa Keanu M10

Kamawa Tonto M26 (P) at 14 months

For Sale $4,000


Kamawa Centurion M29 (P) at 13 months of age

For Sale POA

Kamawa Centurion

Kamawa Bulls Catalogue

Kamawa Tonto M20(P)

Kamawa Tonto M20 is out of a big, thick Kamawa cow

His sire is a muscly thick dark coated sire.Denngal Harold.

Tonto M20 is a very neat, long, muscly poll bull.

Sale Price – $5,000

Kamawa Tonto M 20

Tonto M20

Kamawa Tonto M14(P)

Kamawa Tonto M14 is out of a very thick, soft,  Kamawa Cow E55 .Her Dam Maria has our best


His sire is the thick, dark, muscly sire Denngal Harold

Sold – $5,000  to Kerry Bourke Jones Island

Kamawa Keanu M10(P)

Kamawa Keanu M10 is out of a typical,Kamawa type cow in Kamawa  C62.

His sire is the huge volume sire, Macaire Ego.

M10 possesses a top docile temperament, and is a dark coloured, well grown bull.

Sold to Malcolm Campbell – $4,500

Kamawa Quebec K7(P)

Kamawa Quebec K7 is out of a large cow Kamawa type, in Parma D74

His sire is Kamawa Quebec F61, a very neat, good temperament Kamawa Sire.

K7 is a thick, early maturing type.

Sold Kempsey Stock and Land

Kamawa Tonto M14

Kamawa Tonto M14

Kamawa Keanu M10

Kamawa Quebec K7

Kamawa Lobo M6

Photo taken at 18 months

Kamawa Lobo M6 is out of one of our large top cows, by our outstanding Kamawa sire Kamawa Lobo.

His sire is the huge volume bull Macaire Ego.

Sale Price – $4,500

Kamawa Lobo M6

Kamawa Lobo M6