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Quality Santa Gertrudis bulls

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Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud hd1

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud

quiet temperament

early maturing, thick

muscly cattle

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud

quality Santa Gertrudis cattle stud bulls, cows & heifers at extremely moderate prices

Kamawa Santa Gertrudis Stud specialises in producing early maturing, thick, muscly cattle, predominantly polled.

Since 1989, when Kamawa was registered as a Santa Gertrudis Stud – we have been establishing
our type of polled Santa Gertrudis cattle.
After many generations, we have achieved a very quiet, docile nature –  making Kamawa
cattle very easy to handle. Our type is is more thick, earlier maturing, retaining breed character
in our polled  cattle – that Santa appearance and head, with large ears.
The Coastal environment with its exposure to ticks and flies, biting midges, and other insects,
3 day sickness and the other coastal related ailments – all have gone to toughen up the Kamawa type.
Consequently, they do very well in inland Australia – and move easily onto coastal properties.
A 16 month old bull we recently sent up to Klaus Cazzonelli at Malanda North Queensland is
a lovely sirey type weighing 640Kg at that age, off pasture. He moved in to his new herd with
cool confidence and is a standout in the herd for his size and growth- a proud young  polled Sire
with good breed character, neat sheath and totally placid nature – this bull requires a push to get
him to stand up – even when approached with strangers in tow.

Kamawa Tonto M20 (P)

at 17 months of age

Tonto M20

Kamawa Tonto M20 (P) at 17 months of age

Quality Santa Gertrudis

Kamawa Stud is well known for and specialises in producing quality Santa Gertrudis stud cattle at very moderate prices

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We specialise in producing quality stud Santa Gertrudis calves with good temperament, known for being early maturing, thick, muscly cattle.

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